Waterloo Painters

It is always a treat to work in such a high tech city with its strong knowledge & service orientation.

We have noticed a lot of student housing, with such a huge University campus

There are a lot of nice residential areas with nice trees & parks. It is a pleasurable city to work in.

The people are friendly and often give us referrals to other jobs.

Nice restaurants for lunch breaks.

We seem to fit in with the trend in this city.  We are very knowledgeable about our trade and very service oriented.  We find there are lots of professional people who prefer to get painters instead of doing it themselves. Actually often it ends up cheaper to get us to do it because we get good prices on the paint and it gets done quickly and efficiently saving you time.

As well we are very good at helping people choose their colors and we have a lot of first hand experience of actually seeing what various colors and combinations look like.  We know what will look good in different rooms or lighting and so on. Alot depends on what effect  people want to create and we understand that and can work with you.

We offer Waterloo residence:

  • Professional
  • Clean
  • High Quality work
  • Reliable painters, renovations and repairs

We use top quality environmentally friendly paint (no VOC –volatile organic compounds)   We can paint anything from one room to the entire interior.

We have often worked in  tight time frames with  realtors and homeowners  when a large painting project is required to be done prior to selling or before moving into the new place.

We can also work Flexible  hours,  as may be required on some office or commercial jobs.

Our goal is to help you create an aesthetically pleasing home or office  environment with relatively little stress.

With our many years of experience, we can help with color choices and paint schemes.

We are able to give free quotes by email, via pictures or in person.

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Larry’s Painting & Repairs is a family owned and operated over 29 years in the painting business.