We are familiar both with older homes and the problems they present, as well as with new homes and their particular problems.  We also do residential exterior projects.


To keep walls looking good often requires more than just a cosmetic application of paint.

We are up-to-date on the latest products and will use what’s right for your job; top quality, eco-friendly paints

and products (low or no VOCs -volatile organic compounds).


Anyone can paint – but will it look professional and will it stay that way?

DON’T waste your money and have to repaint again before it should be necessary. By doing it right doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Our professional tradesmen get it right the first time.

We are very familiar with older homes as well as homes in the new developments. We can, in addition to all types of quality painting, effectively and properly remedy anything, from large cracks in original plaster to popped screws in new drywall.

We have gained many years of expertise on all types of interior surface conditions. Things like problems with previous coatings, water damage or stain problems, cracking or plaster bulging, bad drywall seams, etc., can be effectively resolved rather than just cosmetically hiding and painting them and hoping for the best.

Our wall repairs are not just skin deep, and will not resurface as often happens when a superficial patching job is done. We have various methods of securing loose plaster, repairing flexing, cracks etc. without unsightly bulges.

“We do it right the first time!”

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Quality Results

Our site manager ensures a professional painting job each time by adhering to our guidelines from setup to completion. We take care to protect your furniture and floors, and to prepare the surfaces properly including dealing with cracks, gaps, holes and stains, and using a primer coat where necessary. After painting (to the proper degree of coverage with clean cut lines using premium paints), the service continues with a thorough site clean-up, inspection and touch-ups. The crew doesn’t pack up until you are satisfied. That’s what it means to be a professional painter.


Rooms and areas to be painted are scheduled with the customer.
Furniture is moved into the center of the room and covered with plastic.
Floors are covered with drop sheets.


Surfaces are scuff-sanded.
Holes and cracks are filled.
Gaps in trim are caulked.
Stains, such as water marks or bleeding knots, are sealed.
Washing is done where required.


Repaired areas are primed.
Paint is applied with a brush or roller.
All surfaces are painted to proper coverage and finish color.
Clean cut lines in all areas.
Only premium quality paints are used.

Clean up

Floors and carpets are vacuumed or swept.
Touch-up paint is labeled and left with the customer.


Before the crew packs up their equipment, an inspection is done to ensure all areas are completed satisfactorily and nothing is missed.
Final touch-ups are done immediately.